[clug-talk] Software Raid on Fedora Core 3? [fixed]

J. Rafael Sánchez rsanchez at itres.com
Tue Dec 6 15:18:45 PST 2005

Thanks Mark for the heads up!

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  On 12/5/05, J. Rafael Sánchez <rsanchez at itres.com> wrote:
    Hi All,

    Hoping I can obtain some aid in this matter. It appears that mkraid does not 
    exist in FC3. I have upgraded a system which had a raid 0 set up. Now, 
    what's available is mdraid; has anyone used it? I've looked for 
    documentation about it, but there's not a whole lot. Maybe I'm looking in 
    the wrong place.

  Not only is mkraid not available is deprecated now and shouldn't be used on any distro. As the other poster suggested use mdadm.

  Mark Lane, CET <lmlane at gmail.com >


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