[clug-talk] MP3 Player on Suse?

unleashed unleashed at unleashedgamers.com
Tue Nov 30 23:46:33 PST 2004

Ok what I did was I did in gentoo was I treaded it as a usb storage and 
compiled the kernel with the right options (especaly some of the SCSI 
drivers and usb drivers) and treated it as a SCSI drive and added the line

/dev/sda1               /mnt/usb vfat           noauto,user 0 0

to my fstab

then formated it FAT 16 <32MB (thats what the device read) and copyed 
over the files.

Or you can check out

Travis R.

Shawn wrote:
> My roommate picked up an MPIO DMK+ mp3 player today.  Now she want's to know 
> if it will work with the Suse workstation she uses (she couldn't think of 
> this BEFORE she bought it??).  I've done some looking and came across some 
> hints that it can work with Linux, and even tried to install the mpio library 
> and kmpio(?), but still cannot see the drive or get kmpio working properly.
> I thought that maybe this is a case where the kernel just knows about the usb 
> device when it gets plugged in - but I'm not seeing any icons magically 
> appear, or any hint that anything has happened.  So it looks like I'll have 
> to mount the device manually - but I don't know which device it is...
> The workstation has Suse 9.1 personal on it so should be using the 2.6 kernel.  
> Any tips?  If I can't make this work, then is it possible to get the Windows 
> software for it running under Wine?  If not, then she'll probably whine until 
> I put W2K on there... <grins>
> Thanks in advance for any input.
> Shawn
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