[clug-talk] lift to meeting

Darcy Brodie, CJL dbrodie at plaa.org
Tue Nov 30 21:14:44 PST 2004

Katrina Kube wrote:

> Thanks, but that's actually pretty far, the only wheels I have are on 
> my rollerblades. I'll be about a block west of Edmonton Trail on 2nd 
> Ave & 3rd St.
> Katrina
> On Nov 30, 2004, at 20.36, Graham Monk wrote:
>> On Tuesday 30 November 2004 20:10, Katrina Kube wrote:
>>> Anyone in, or passing through, the downtown NE (Crescent Heights) area
>>> mind if I hitch a ride with? Preferably both to and from the meeting.
>>> Katrina
>> Hi katrina, I will be going from work, thats 37th ave and 27st NE, is 
>> that
>> close enough? I can drop you home before or after the T&T after meeting
>> meeting.
>> Graham

Hello Katrina
    I will be going to the meeting from either Downtown, or from further 
up Edmonton Trail (depends on what time I get off work). I can pick you 
up / drop you off after the meeting


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