[clug-talk] CLUG purpose / mission / objective -- was:Too Many Mailing List Guidelines?

Jesse Kline jesse at kline.ca
Tue Nov 30 18:23:34 PST 2004

Let me give it a try:

Mission statement: To promote Linux and open source software.
Remember the "C" in CLUG, we are specific to Calgary and area.

Purpose of meetings: For CLUG members to get together and meet in
person. They also give us the opportunity to have presentations and what
not so people can learn about a variety of topics.

Purpose of AGM: For tier 2 members to decide who is going to run the
group, and have their say on issues related to running the group.

Purpose of Installfests: In install Linux on anyones machine who wants
it, to install new software, to get help, to network, etc.

Purpose of clug-talk: For CLUG members to communicate in an online
forum. This can include Linux news, troubleshooting, help, opinions
about the way the group is run, etc.

Purpose of other mailing lists: Most lists are to discuss specific
events and take the load off of clug-talk, such as the planning of
convergence. I assume that the progsig lists gets topics related to
programming. The exec have a list as well so that their planning does
not bog down clug-talk.

Purpose of IRC channel: For CLUG members to communicate in real time.

Purpose of web site: To get information about the group.

It all seems pretty simple to me. There are obviously many other places
to get information or help on Linux. The nice thing about CLUG is that
it's local. You can go to a meeting and see the people you have been
talking to online. You can plan offline events with people. You can talk
about a variety of subjects instead of some of the more specific mailing
lists out there. You can network with people, maybe find a job, maybe
find out where to buy something you are looking for, etc.


On Tue, 2004-11-30 at 16:38 -0700, Niels Voll wrote:
> is there a statement anywhere, where one could find out what the purpose 
> of CLUG is?
> Maybe the recent discussions about the mailing list and the meetings are 
> just a symptom of an underlying issue: there is no common understanding 
> of the purpose of CLUG, the purpose of the meetings and the purpose of 
> the mailing list.
> For example, for in-depth technical help on most FOSS related issues, 
> there are many better places than the CLUG mailing list to get answers 
> and advice. So why does CLUG exist? Why should it exist? What could it 
> potentially be? What would it take to get there?
> ...Niels
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