[clug-talk] Microsoft to Sue linux users

Frank Ledderhof fledderhof at telus.net
Tue Nov 30 15:46:58 PST 2004

Jarrod, I think you would have been perfectly right to punt that 
message.  Nevertheless, I hereby extend an olive branch of forgiveness 
in a magnanimous, if not entirely ungraceful attempt at turning a blind 
eye to your otherwise gross oversight.  I hope that my brother and 
sister CLUG(G)gers will join me in this gesture.

I sincerely hope that no-one finds my tone beligerrent or inflammatory, 
for any individual absence of reason sufficiently large to misinterpret 
this particular playful jab at our esteemed leader as a malicious 
personal attack would probably cause my cranial vortex to expand at a 
greater rate than mere flesh and bone could accomodate without utter and 
complete failure of structural integrity of a most disastrous, 
disappointing, disgusting, and distinguishedly disturbing nature.

In other words, my head would probably explode!  (I sincerely hope that 
this patently unnecessary explanation does not imply that I have 
constituted pedancy.)

Funny, I remember when the only people discussing "political 
correctness" were Communists...

With all due respect and upstanding rectitude of uncommunicable tone to 
everyone everywhere,


Neither olives nor their branches were harmed or otherwise abused in the 
composition of this message, though a few may have received suggestive, 
if not entirely rude, glances.

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