[clug-talk] CLUG purpose / mission / objective -- was:Too Many Mailing List Guidelines?

Niels Voll nvoll at voho.com
Tue Nov 30 15:38:39 PST 2004

is there a statement anywhere, where one could find out what the purpose 
of CLUG is?

Maybe the recent discussions about the mailing list and the meetings are 
just a symptom of an underlying issue: there is no common understanding 
of the purpose of CLUG, the purpose of the meetings and the purpose of 
the mailing list.

For example, for in-depth technical help on most FOSS related issues, 
there are many better places than the CLUG mailing list to get answers 
and advice. So why does CLUG exist? Why should it exist? What could it 
potentially be? What would it take to get there?


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