[clug-talk] Too Many Mailing List Guidelines?

lewkor at telus.net lewkor at telus.net
Tue Nov 30 15:22:11 PST 2004

Quoting Shawn <sgrover at open2space.com>:

> On Tuesday 30 November 2004 15:05, Jarrod Major wrote:
> >  That is the beauty. I would take your idea further and suggest
> > _maybe_ creating a list specifically for technical questions or
> clug-howto.
> If the clug-talk list is intended to be a general "catch-all" type of list, 
> then I'd be interested in seeing a more technically oriented list.  I'm just
> not sure about "clug-howto" - this kinda implies beginner level stuff, 
> whereas I think a list like this should handle both beginner and advanced 
> technical issus.  (of course, it could, but the name may not imply that, so 
> newer more advanced users may not opt into such a list).  "clug-tech" maybe? 
> If the group thinks another list is warranted though....  Or maybe this 
> another answer to this?
> Shawn

What I can see if we had lists similar to clug-newbie/clug-tech is that people
that have experience would hang out in clug-tech.  Newbies would post to
clug-tech hoping to get their attention/help.

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