[clug-talk] Power Usage of PCs.

Curtis Sloan curtis.sloan at shaw.ca
Tue Nov 30 15:13:11 PST 2004

On Fri November 26 2004 22:31, Kevin Anderson wrote:
> A couple of days ago there was some discussion about the amount of Power
> that people's PCs are using.  Linux users seem to rarely take advantage of
> the power saving features in newer monitors in particular.  I came across
> an article tonight that's both brief, and easy to read, so I thought I'd
> pass it along.  Apologies in advance to anyone with a slow connection.
> It's also worth noting that hdparm can be used to set the spindown times on
> your HDD/CD/DVDs.  It's a bit confusing, but I'll show it below, since we
> really never did discuss the details of it all in the last thread.
> hdparm -S180 /dev/hda

I have a couple of questions...

1)  Does the -S option imply you need APM in the kernel?  All the references I 
could see in the man page referred to APM.  I have ACPI compiled in but not 

2)  Has anyone played/experimented with the -p option (sets PIO modes).  I 
have my DMA/UDMA modes tweaked; I'm just wondering if the -p option has any 
effect (including fallback), but I'm too scared to practice on my only 
machine.  <grin>

Curtis S.

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