[clug-talk] Wireless Router Suggestions

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Tue Nov 30 10:08:18 PST 2004

I have had a good experience with the sveasoft firmware.  I especially like 
the fact they extend the web interface to include most of their options.  One 
nice feature that may prove usefull to you is the ability to vary the power 
output of the RF transmitter.  You can use this increase, or more usually for 
me, to decrease the range of the router.

As for stability, I have not noticed any difference between the sveasoft and 
stock linksys firmwares.


On November 30, 2004 09:09 am, Evan Brown wrote:
> Graham Monk wrote:
> >On Monday 29 November 2004 11:50, Evan Brown wrote:
> >>I need something that will hand out connections to
> >>vehicles as they drive into a fenced lot. Anyone have an ideas?
> >>
> >>Evan Brown
> >
> >I would suggest a directional antenae, Gotta ask, what are you
> >up to?
> >
> >G
> We have a device that is put into Semi trucks and when they return to
> the yard we want to be able to grab the data from our device without
> manually touching it if at all possible. Our device has smarts(thanx to
> Linux :) )  and we want it to connect to the internet and upload data to
> our servers. This requires a connection to the internet and we're
> looking at the most cost effective and secure way to provide that
> connection. If we don't need to have a computer on client sites and can
> get away with using a wireless router then all the better so I'm trying
> to investigate the best router for this job. Where would someone get a
> replacement antenna for a router? I was looking at the site for
> http://www.sveasoft.com
> yesterday, they seemed to be doing some really interesting stuff, I
> hadn't even thought of people writting 3rd party firmware for routers
> before, and it seems like they add a ton of config options to the
> router. How stable is their firmware? And am I correct in thinking that
> after they update the current version they release the old ones into the
> wild for free, although 20 bucks a year for new stuff isn't a strain
> either especially if it's worth it which it seems to be.
> Evan Brown

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