[clug-talk] Final Comments

Michael Petch mpetch at capp-sysware.com
Tue Nov 30 09:38:06 PST 2004

I have been a lurker on the Clug list for quite a while but avoided all
the CLUG events (Except for one Nexus event). I was happy to provide
assistance to those with problems. I learned long ago that there are too
many zealots on this list (I can think of 2). 

And recently my email fills up with more bickering and arguing than
substance. Fewer people looking for help more people fighting about what
should be posted. I know I am not alone in my view that the quality of
this list has degraded recently.

I am a Linux user, I am a Windows user. I am professional Windows AND
Linux developer. I believe in the right tool for the job. I don't care
if it is GPL'ed, BSD'd or MS Licensed or how much it costs. I don't mind
(or feel guilty in any way)  using the BSD license or the LGPL to make
proprietary software with no intention of giving back to the community.
The licenses exist - and I use them to further my business. If people
don't like their code being used and never contribute to then tough
luck. We have a CHOICE. Developers have a choice NOT to make free
software. Developers have a choice whether they WISH to contribute.

Its all about choice. And I make my choice dependent on what I want
AND/OR what my client wants. I will not ram my personal viewpoint down
the throats of others just because its the "Open Source way".

With that said, I will end on this note - if you want more people to
take notice of the open source movement its much better not to be
zealots in the process.

Considering that CLUG has degraded in quality and substance in the past
few months, I am removing myself from the mailing list. I wish everyone
the best, and I was more than glad to help those over the past year and
a half.

Michael Petch <mpetch at capp-sysware.com>
CApp::Sysware Consulting Ltd.

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