[clug-talk] Microsoft to Sue linux users

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Tue Nov 30 09:06:48 PST 2004

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> Typically in the past I have accepted or deleted these kinds 
> of posts based 
> somewhat on content. I have even gone so far as to suggest 
> that if they truly 
> want their message posted, to join the list.
> We have stated in the guidelines that links 
> to files are a 
> perfectly acceptable alternative to attachments. I apologized 
> because I 
> waffled on that, won't happen again.
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I just want to note that I was not attacking you nor your decision(s) I just think that there should be something to assist the moderator in making these decisions.  I also know that this is yet another volunteer thing that is done when one of the moderators has the time.

Don't sweat it   ; ~[)  


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