[clug-talk] Microsoft to Sue linux users

kMajor at gov.mdrockyview.ab.ca kMajor at gov.mdrockyview.ab.ca
Tue Nov 30 08:52:46 PST 2004

Hey Shawn

First off I apologize - I snipped too much :)

I was responding to Niels comment "I have no idea how this nonsense made it to the list" in response to the creator of this thread.

I guess I was just trying remind Niels of what he had stated in the past ... 

>Niels Voll
>Mon, 08 Nov 2004 17:22:58 -0800

>Sorry, but I respectfully disagree: Dialog does not suck.

>Open dialog is a good thing, especially in a community where "open" is generally a positive >thing.

I also wanted to bring forward the discussion of what should and should not be let through... what are the guidelines?  There are none as far as I know except for size (which Jarrod has responded to in another email) so why let anything through?  I guess that is for the moderator to decide but if he/she has no criteria - then how can that decision be made effectively and objectively.

I want to express here that I completely disagree with 'Tom' - however I am only able to express my opinion on his email because it was allowed through to the list.

These recent events should maybe open a discussion about the posting or not posting an unsubscribed/unauthorized mail to the list.

Just opening a dialogue :-) not sending barbs at anyone - and I agree no wrong doing... just seems that the guidelines of the mailing list need to be broadened to include what to do with what is awaiting the moderator


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> Kari, I think you missed the meaning of the messages.  There 
> is no "censoring" 
> going on at all.  But the way the mailing list works, messages from 
> non-members will be put aside until a list administrator (or 
> moderator for 
> lack of better words) can take a look at them and allow them through.
> This is not censoring at all.  It's hardly even moderating of 
> the list.  It's 
> simply an administrative setting that prevents spam from 
> flooding the list. 
> Only email addresses that have signed up can post to the 
> list.  Some of us 
> have multiple addresses and will occasionally post to the 
> list from one that 
> is not signed up on the list.  These messages are not simply 
> discarded but 
> set aside for review.  
> Jarrod's message was indicating that he had handled these 
> messages the list 
> software had set aside, and one of Kevin's legitimate 
> messages was in the 
> list.  Neils simply was making light of the issue and doing a quasi 
> comparison of Jarrod's role in this to that of a SlashDot moderator.
> There is no wrong doing here...
> My apologies if it's ME who is mis-reading the tone of your 
> message. :)
> Shawn
> On Tuesday 30 November 2004 08:31, kMajor at gov.mdrockyview.ab.ca wrote:
> > I must admit that I am shocked at both of you
> >
> > Niels - you were one of the many who stated that the 
> Executive had no right
> > to stop a conversation.  I took that to mean ANY 
> conversation not just the
> > ones that you agreed with.
> >
> > Jarrod - I believe that the Exec have no right to sensor 
> mail posted to the
> > list unless it is obvious spam or vulgar or in any way 
> discriminating to
> > race, colour, creed, etc.
> >
> > This is a free and open list just like the software and the 
> movement we all
> > claim to extol.
> >
> > As always this is just my 2 cents and its probably not even 
> worth that -
> > but I did not want to sit back and have people say it was 
> OK to sensor mail
> > for context/content.
> >
> > Kari
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