[clug-talk] Email etiquette(?) Tone(?)

Erik Williamson erik at cpsc.ucalgary.ca
Tue Nov 30 08:37:02 PST 2004

One thing I notice (this being at work) is that after a while, if 
soneone is constantly sarcastic, mean, or what have you, I tend to read 
all their emails like they're writing with that tone.  They may actually 
be paying me a compliment, or asking for something nicely... but if 
they've been "off" with me before, I continue to read it as such.

Another good reason to re-read what people send, I suppose!


Shawn wrote:
> I take the approach that if a message sounds offensive, then I'm probably 
> reading it wrong.
> Of course, sometimes we humans forget our self imposed rules and make 
> mistakes... <grins>
> Shawn
> On Monday 29 November 2004 23:40, Niels Voll wrote:
>><div style="tone-of-voice: pretend-serious; body-language: not-serious;" >
>>Oh Graham,
>>please don't kill the first really decent flame war I've seen on this list!
>>I realize, there is no HTML allowed on this list, but I hope CSS is ok.
>>      :)
>>Graham Monk wrote:
>>>I have noticed lately how easy it is be misunderstood in email.
>>>Just recently I sent a message that when I read it came across
>>>as very different from the manner in which I intended it.
>>>The difference was in how I would have spoken it. When
>>>face to face the tone would have accurately conveyed the
>>>perhaps slightly puzzled questioning tone but the email
>>>smacked of "how dumb are you to be doing that!" I was
>>>quite shocked at how it read.
>>>There are enough problems with trolls and such without
>>>adding to it.
>>>So, just as a suggestion, ( I do not think I am God or even a
>>>close approximation ) :) if something gets your back up, reread
>>>before answering and do the same for your own posts too.
>>>I will try to remember to do this myself.
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