[clug-talk] Microsoft to Sue linux users

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Tue Nov 30 07:31:53 PST 2004

> On Monday 29 November 2004 10:11 pm, Niels Voll wrote:
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> Was this maybe waiting in a moderation queue and someone actually
> released it?  While this message didn't appear to be 
> SPAM, I didn't 
> read it all that carefully and probably should have tossed it 
> in the dumper.
> My apologies to the list.

I must admit that I am shocked at both of you

Niels - you were one of the many who stated that the Executive had no right to stop a conversation.  I took that to mean ANY conversation not just the ones that you agreed with.

Jarrod - I believe that the Exec have no right to sensor mail posted to the list unless it is obvious spam or vulgar or in any way discriminating to race, colour, creed, etc.

This is a free and open list just like the software and the movement we all claim to extol.

As always this is just my 2 cents and its probably not even worth that - but I did not want to sit back and have people say it was OK to sensor mail for context/content.


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