[clug-talk] Email etiquette(?) Tone(?)

Graham Monk gdmonk at shaw.ca
Mon Nov 29 22:05:16 PST 2004

I have noticed lately how easy it is be misunderstood in email.
Just recently I sent a message that when I read it came across
as very different from the manner in which I intended it.

The difference was in how I would have spoken it. When
face to face the tone would have accurately conveyed the
perhaps slightly puzzled questioning tone but the email 
smacked of "how dumb are you to be doing that!" I was
quite shocked at how it read.

There are enough problems with trolls and such without
adding to it. 

So, just as a suggestion, ( I do not think I am God or even a
close approximation ) :) if something gets your back up, reread
before answering and do the same for your own posts too.

I will try to remember to do this myself.


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