[clug-talk] Fwd: Your message to clug-talk awaits moderator approval

Kevin Anderson maillist at digital-adrenaline.com
Mon Nov 29 21:30:17 PST 2004

> Yoohoo.  Others DO disagree, as evidenced by the list policy on large
> mails!

Which would be why I wanted someone who could provide an objective opinion, 
based on the email, to decide if it meritted an exception.  Of course, you 
don't actually care about anything like merit or content of the message.  You 
just want to vent, and spout about something silly, and irrelevant.  Maybe 
start an argument, and then threaten to /dev/null it when it becomes 
painfully apparent that you're just arguing for the sake of arguing.

> > I actually said in the message that I knew I shouldn't just attach a PDF,
> > but I didn't really care.
> ..^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Well how the !@#$%^& do you expect us to care about your little
> problem then?

I had a solution, not a problem.  As I said, it was in reply to a thread from 
a few days ago, and I thought it may have relevance to people on the list.  
You've probably heard the saying about judging a book by it's cover?  This is 
the same.  I didn't mention the thread (on purpose).  If it was a useless 
post, then it should be deleted.  If it provides value, then it should be 
excepted.  As I said, either is fine.  And I also didn't object to your vote, 
I simply said that it was meaningless, since you don't even know what you're 
voting on.  So you know noghing about the post, but you're judging it's value 
anyway.  Wouldn't it be interesting if it was a reply to a thread you had 

> > Strange though that 200K is too big.  Perhaps we could ask Aaron if he
> > could sweettalk Gmail into sharing up some space for us...  I mean, even
> > Bill figured people should have 640K...
> And maybe I should stuff you into my procmail /dev/null list right
> now, heading off whatever else you decide to spew in the future?

Why?  Cause you can't think of a witty reply, and you're irritated that I can?  
Is that supposed to hurt my feelings?  

"MoMmY...  S keeling says that he doesn't like me."
"Who's s keeling"
"I dunno.  Some guy on the Interweb computer thinggy"
"Hmmm, I'm not sure I like you talking to people on the Interweb like that"
"But MoM, I'm trying to learn to play nice and make some new friends"
"You're just going to have to learn to play nice with everyone, even people 
like s keeling."
"But MoM, he's mad because it takes him 0.00038128 of a second to download my 
email, and after that, it'll waste 1/10000000th of the disk space on his HDD.
"Listen my poor little dear.  Some people don't have snappy new 386es like us.
"That's true mom, Maybe he's only got a 20 meg HDD.  That's Meg with an M like 
in mommy.  That would mean my email would take up like 1% of his HDD."
"So maybe the effect is bigger for this s keeling character than you thought"
"You're right mom.  Maybe his life sucks so bad that my 200K email will just 
drive him over the edge.  I'll apologize tomorrow though, ok?  'cause this is 
fun for right now..."
"Ok, Kevy-dear.  So long as everyone is amused..."

> I 
> don't care where it is.  I don't want 200Kb mails from gmail or from
> clug, thank you very much.

You're right.  A (reasonably old) 100 Gig Hdd can only store what, 5 million 
of them?  And they're the exception, not the rule - even from a long winded 
emailer such as myself.  Perhaps if I kept 5000000 emails rather than 
refering back to the archives which are already online for us, (admittedly, I 
never do this either, but that's a different thread--literally) I'd feel a 
deep sense of loss over giving up that space too.  But, since I delete my 
email semi-regularly, I feel a deep sense of enjoyment over this whole 
thread, and in fact about the idea that there's a whole thread about an email 
that doesn't even exist yet.


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