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I am contacting you to seek your advice.  What is the best way for my company 
to make your members aware of a new technology now available for the Linux 

Coraid has developed a new product called EtherDrive specifically designed to 
meet the networked disk storage needs of Linux systems.  We have visited 
numerous Linux User Group meetings in the USA and have found that the members 
are very interested in this technology, since there no suitable networked 
storage solution for Linux users.  Arranging a personal visit to locations 
outside the USA is not feasible for us at this time but perhaps there is 
another way that you have found effective for your members to become aware of 
new technologies. 

The EtherDrive Storage Blades are a way to connect disk drives directly on an 
Ethernet network.  A GPL device driver for Linux completes the picture by 
making the disks appear local. We've defined a new protocol, AoE or 
ATA-over-Ethernet, to do this.

Shared (networked) storage is a common need for any system.  Current storage 
manufacturers offer only choices that are expensive and complicated.
EtherDrive storage blades are like Storage Area Network but much, much less 
expensive. Now the Linux community can do a lot of new things that were too 
expensive before.  

Please contact me if you think this technology would be of interest for your 
LUG members.  We would be happy to forward technical presentation materials 
or other documents that you feel are appropriate.  Our website contains more 
information.  http://www.coraid.com/indexc.html 

Thank you for your help.


chris at coraid.com

Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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