[clug-talk] Power Usage of PCs.

Kevin Anderson maillist at digital-adrenaline.com
Fri Nov 26 21:31:58 PST 2004

A couple of days ago there was some discussion about the amount of Power that 
people's PCs are using.  Linux users seem to rarely take advantage of the 
power saving features in newer monitors in particular.  I came across an 
article tonight that's both brief, and easy to read, so I thought I'd pass it 
along.  Apologies in advance to anyone with a slow connection.

It's also worth noting that hdparm can be used to set the spindown times on 
your HDD/CD/DVDs.  It's a bit confusing, but I'll show it below, since we 
really never did discuss the details of it all in the last thread.

hdparm -S180 /dev/hda

That tells the kernel to spindown my HDD after 15 mins.  The -S parameter is 
measured in 5 second intervals which is annoying and confusing (IMHO).  So -S 
12 would be a 1 minute spindown...  This can just be added 
to /etc/conf.d/local.start (or whatever is appropriate for your distro) and 
it will take effect immediately.  Normally the -S parameter would be in the 
same line as the other Parameters for your drive.  IE: mine looks like 

hdparm -d1 -c1 -u1 -X69 -S180 /dev/hda
hdparm -d1 -c1 -u1 -X66 -S6 /dev/hdc

Repeat for each device, and note that it per device, not per partition...

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