[clug-talk] Fwd: Your message to clug-talk awaits moderator approval

Kevin Anderson maillist at digital-adrenaline.com
Mon Nov 29 19:21:08 PST 2004

> > >     Message body is too big: 197628 bytes with a limit of 40 KB
> >
> > Can someone please yes/no this for me?
> Personally, I vote against it.  Next time, put it on a website and
> post the link.

Fair enough.  It's only one message, perhaps it has no value.  Others may 
disagree.  Regardless, you don't decide it, and you've wasted both time and 
effort replying.  Knowing that a single message has antagonized someone that 
much, before it even makes it onto the list gives me all the satisfaction I 
could ever hope to get out of a message.

I actually said in the message that I knew I shouldn't just attach a PDF, but 
I didn't really care.  Besides, I hate when I look in a mailing list's 
history, and find dead links.  The point is though, that it's been a while, 
so either it should be posted, so that it's still relevant, or it should be 
deleted and lost.  I'm fine either way.  I'm certainly not going to run a 
webserver just so I can post to CLUG.  If the content is deemed to be 
valueless, then it can be deleted.  I'd just like it dealt with one way or 
the other.

Strange though that 200K is too big.  Perhaps we could ask Aaron if he could 
sweettalk Gmail into sharing up some space for us...  I mean, even Bill 
figured people should have 640K...


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