[clug-talk] Wireless Router Suggestions

Owen Stenseth owen at bonemachine.org
Mon Nov 29 15:43:52 PST 2004

On Mon, Nov 29, 2004 at 02:29:51PM -0700, Gustin Johnson wrote:
> I use the linksys wireless G router.  With a firmware upgrade it now supports 
> various power levels, built in pptp (poptop) vpn server, and a host of cool 
> features, including the ability to ssh directly to the wireless router.  The 
> router is cheap, and a subscription to http://www.sveasoft.com (producer of 
> the extended functionality firmware) is well worth the fee.

I also use this router but with the OpenWRT firmware http://www.openwrt.org/

The sveasoft firmware is based on the original linksys source and integrates their changes into the linksys web based configuration interface.

OpenWRT is a much more minimalist firmware that basically provides you with a running linux system onto which you have to install packages using ipkg. I don't know about sveasoft but you can install OpenVPN onto OpenWRT as well if you have a need for that functionality.

This router (the 54G) has been rock solid for me, I had a belkin that when I used it as a firewall would "loose it's brains" about once a month. 

Owen Stenseth

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