[clug-talk] SUSE 9.2 CDs

Dave Bourassa dave.bourassa at shaw.ca
Mon Nov 29 15:36:31 PST 2004

Graham Monk wrote:
> Hi All,
> I will have available ISOs of SUSE 9.2 CDs on Wednesday.
> If you want a copy bring 5 blanks and I will burn them, time
> permitting at the meeting.
> Note! the CDs do not have all the programs from the DVD,
> Scribus is one that is missing. I guess SUSE is getting bigger
> all the time.
> graham

Hey that's great, Graham.  I'll certainly bring you those 5 blanks.
If you get a chance to burn them b4 the meeting, that would ensure
you have a chance to burn copies for any one else. Anything else
I can get you?

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