[clug-talk] Wireless Router Suggestions

unleashed unleashed at unleashedgamers.com
Mon Nov 29 15:18:11 PST 2004

I would have to recommend the linksys WRT54G I have 8 wireless routers 
of various makes and it seems to be the easiest to setup (other than the 
Microsoft ones but haven't seen them in a while) and it has lots of options.

If for some reason you cannot get that i recommend the D-Link DI-524 and 
get a larger antenna for it, it is a great overall router except for its 

Travis R.

Evan Brown wrote:
> Hey guys
> Once again I enlist the collective hive mind of the clug, looking for 
> opinions and suggestions. Anyone have any suggestions for wireless 
> routers? I need one that supports 802.11g, that has good security and a 
> nice range. I don't nessisarily want a home router, but I don't want to 
> break the bank. I need something that will hand out connections to 
> vehicles as they drive into a fenced lot. Anyone have an ideas?
> Evan Brown
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