[clug-talk] How do we make our meetings better

Kin C Wong kwong at csa-pdk.com
Mon Nov 29 13:50:21 PST 2004

I saw some of the word exchanges earlier this month and wanted to suggest 
that maybe clarification of positions taken off-line might be 
beneficial.  Sorry, no input from this end because I was just figured out 
how to post a message.

The critical points are that the organization would like to service both 
the newbies and the experts (I am using these terms for lack of a better 
description -- for those concerns, I am a self professed newbie).

Having two meetings will be difficult on the executives and will certainly 
create silos and certainly will not encourage the experts to come out again 
for a second meeting for the benefit of the newbies.

Though I am a newbie, this does not mean that I would not benefit from a 
more technical discussion.  Though I would not be able to repeat what was 
demonstrated, I do take away valuable information on what is available, 
what is possible which are very important from a strategy point of 
view.  On top of that, I now also know who I can talk to explore an idea 

It is important to have a social aspect so that the newbies and the experts 
can network with each other.

In order to accommodate the above points, one solution might be to have two 
tracks with a common social segment.  If the two tracks were run 
simultaneously, then you would have problems with management of the group 
(additional rooms, master of ceremony, etc.), management of time (try 
synchronize starting and ending of multiple sessions), members would have 
to forgo one track (a real pity as I would like to go to both).  However if 
the two tracks were to be run in a linear fashion, the above objectives 
could be mostly fulfilled though it would present a longer day for the 
executives.  For sake of argument, have the newbie presentation for the 
first hour (there will be mostly newbies here) followed by an hour of 
housekeeping, draws and social (forgive me for missing your essential 
component -- this is all I can think of off the top of my head), followed 
by an hour of expert presentation.

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