[clug-talk] Home partition doesn't mount automatically?

s. keeling keeling at spots.ab.ca
Sun Nov 28 21:44:33 PST 2004

Incoming from Shawn:
> I just noticed problem with one of my servers.  When I restart it, the /home 
> partition isn't getting mounted properly.  I've checked my fstab (see below), 
> but am not sure why this is happening.
> Here's my fstab file:
> /dev/hda1         /boot           ext2            noauto,noatime          1 1
> /dev/hda3         /               reiserfs        noatime,notail          0 0
> /dev/hda2         none            swap            sw                      0 0
> /dev/hda4         /home           reiserfs        noatime,notail          0 0

Try adding "auto" here ---------------------------------^       ?

My entry (entries) for auto-mounted filesystems is as so:

   /dev/hda7  /home    ext2    defaults,errors=remount-ro   0      2     

It's likely in "defaults" that makes it mount automatically.  man

> #/dev/fd0         /mnt/floppy     auto            noauto                  0 0

Why is that commented out?  It's not automatically mounted.

> I can manually mount the partition after reboot (mount /dev/hda4 /home), so I 

If it's in /etc/fstab, you can just "mount /home".  mount will consult
fstab to find out where to mount it.

> don't think it's a problem with the partitions per se.  /boot and / both get 

How does /boot get mounted automatically when you have noauto there?

Did you know that you don't have to mount /boot?  :-) At least I

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