[clug-talk] Website Updates

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Sat Nov 27 19:20:07 PST 2004

Good work on the site Jarrod.

I have a thought that I'd like to present to the group for 

Your web interface provides a resource for anyone to submit a review of ANY 
book they may have picked up independently.  So, why not encourage people to 
submit a review of ANY Linux or open source related books - regardless of 
them being a Tier 2 member, and/or having gone through our process of getting 
a book for review?

This would create a resource where someone who wants to pick up a book on a 
particular topic can look to see if there are any books that aren't so good, 
or others that seem to answer their every need.

I still agree with the Tier 2 membership to request a book from CLUG for the 
purpose of a review.  But as I look at my book shelf, I see a number of books 
that were not published by PTR or O'Reilly.  I'm sure other members have a 
similar type of collection.

Also, may I suggest a subtle change to the web form?  If we had a separate 
text box for Title, Author(s), ISBN and rating (n stars out of 5), then we 
can maintain the suggested format of the reviews, and maybe create a 
searchable review database (in the long run).

Just a few thoughts...


On Saturday 27 November 2004 00:44, Jarrod Major wrote:
> Hey Group,
> Two new book reviews have been added to the website; "UNIX Network
> Programming: The Sockets Networking API" and "Succeeding with Open Source".
> Thanks go to Rob and Shawn for their fine contributions.
> I've also added a new page that will hopefully make the Book Review process
> easier. The page is "Review Form" under the Book Reviews section
> http://clug.ca/book_review_form.php
> You may request an O'Reilly book, reserve any available books we have from
> either O'Reilly or Prentice Hall PTR or even submit your completed review
> from the form as well.
> One more way that we are trying to make the website work for you.
> Enjoy!

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