[clug-talk] easy content management system

Jason Hayes hh at hayz.ws
Sat Nov 27 10:32:05 PST 2004

Just wondering if anyone here has any comments on a relatively solid and
easy to use content management system for a very small church's site.

I'm asking because changing work situations may soon make it impossible
for me to admin their site anymore. That means that I need to transition
them to something that will allow them to manage content without too
much difficulty. The people who would be doing the admin have zero
experience managing a web site (they don't know how to write html, php,
etc.), so if I can find something that lets them do a word processing
style updates, that would be the most useful.

The only CMS setups that I am (remotely) familiar with are Plone and PHP
Nuke. However, after the problems that the CLUG website had with PHP
Nuke, I am very hesitant to use that.

Any comments or direction from folks who are familiar with Plone or
other similar options would be greatly appreciated.
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