[clug-talk] IPCop question

Pete pvdw at criticalcontrol.com
Thu Nov 25 07:43:43 PST 2004

Kevin Anderson wrote:

>From what you've described, I don't think it'll be relevant.  You should be 
>able to safely ignore that.  I'm running with 3 Red IP Addresses.  I'm just 
>aliasing them, and I THINK that's all you're after too.  Chances are the docs 
>are just old.  Nobody likes doing doc work...  :)
>You could set it up and try a scheduled test of it though, to be sure.
>If you do end up needing to do manual edits, PERSONALLY, I usually add them 
>to /etc/rc.d/rc.local, and I know that's the recommended way (It's copied 
>during backups, and upgrades).  And for routing, it shouldn't really matter 
>when they are added.  If you need to edit the firewall scripts themselves, 
>they should be in rc.d also (as I remember), and with them, ordering WILL 
Thanks Kev :

A test is scheduled tomorrow.
On the topic of backups, ever tried the backup to floppy via the interface.
It says it needs a formatted floppy.
I tried with a floppy on which I did a fdformat /dev/fd0 before
but the floppy remains empty although the floppy drive led is on for +/- 45 sec.
I have tried also after I put on a file system (ext3) but no luck...

Do I need a filesys on the floppy, or is that put on during backup?



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