[clug-talk] Article on Licensing

Aaron Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Tue Nov 23 12:08:08 PST 2004

On November 23, 2004 12:44, Niels Voll wrote:
> Not sure if you noticed - I didn't make a case for or against the GPL or
> BSD style licensing - I was just trying to say, that forking is not a
> consequence of licensing.

ah, but it is. BSD allows for closed source forking, and so you tend to get a 
lot more forks of BSD software. this is sometimes desired, but not always. 
and it's really nasty since many/most of those forks never end up 
contributing back to community. this is the primary difference in forking 
between BSD and GPL software, IMHO.

> Isn't it much more important to discuss for example the implications of
> software patents rather than to have sibling squabbles between BSD and GPL?

well, each license has its place. it's a matter of knowing which to use when 
to achieve the desired results (which means knowing what the results will be 
=). it's not so much a squabble as educating ourselves, because, yes, all 
Free Software is good =)

that said, software patents are indeed a nasty, nasty, nasty thing. evil, 

Aaron J. Seigo
Society is Geometric
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