[clug-talk] anyone have experience with Bacula?

Chris Lobkowicz chris_lobkowicz at rapid.ca
Mon Nov 22 11:17:29 PST 2004

Thanks for all the suggestions!
I would like to move away from Veritas, just personal preference - for 
what any of their products cost, I personally think it is not worth it.
Amanda doesnt span volumes/tapes.
backuppc doesnt do tapes, and I have a few terabytes to backup in one 
shot, so disk as a target isnt such a good option.

Not to poopoo anyones suggestion, but I pretty much need an enterprise 
level solution for soda pop price! ;-)


On Nov 22, 2004, at 12:14, Sheridan Hawken wrote:

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> Hi Chris,
> Have you looked at Veritas Backup Exec?  I believe it is a lower end of
> the NetBackup software but nicer and easier to use.  You may be able to
> get an upgrade at a good price.  It has linux, unix and windows 
> clients.
> ~ We use it with an LTO library but it handles a single drive as well.
> Sheridan
> Chris Lobkowicz wrote:
> | I am trying to set this up, and it seems to be quite the pain in the
> | posterior.
> |
> | Or does anyone have any recommendations for backups?
> | My only requirement is that I can span volumes or tapes, and it 
> needs to
> | be cross platform capable. I need to backup windoze boxen as well.
> | I have a central "Backup Server" that has the uber scsi card, and an
> | LTO2 200/400 Gb drive attached to it. I need to be able to backup 
> three
> | windows servers, and a couple of linux machines.
> |
> | Any thoughts/recommendations?
> | I currently use Veritas' NTBackup, and NetBackup for us is waaaay too
> | expensive. If we went to some sort of backup library, fine, we would
> | have to get some uber software. Otherwise I am trying to keep costs
> | minimal.
> |
> | Cheers
> | Chris
> |
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