[clug-talk] anyone have experience with Bacula?

Sheridan Hawken sheridan.hawken at trema.com
Mon Nov 22 11:14:28 PST 2004

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Hi Chris,

Have you looked at Veritas Backup Exec?  I believe it is a lower end of
the NetBackup software but nicer and easier to use.  You may be able to
get an upgrade at a good price.  It has linux, unix and windows clients.
~ We use it with an LTO library but it handles a single drive as well.


Chris Lobkowicz wrote:
| I am trying to set this up, and it seems to be quite the pain in the
| posterior.
| Or does anyone have any recommendations for backups?
| My only requirement is that I can span volumes or tapes, and it needs to
| be cross platform capable. I need to backup windoze boxen as well.
| I have a central "Backup Server" that has the uber scsi card, and an
| LTO2 200/400 Gb drive attached to it. I need to be able to backup three
| windows servers, and a couple of linux machines.
| Any thoughts/recommendations?
| I currently use Veritas' NTBackup, and NetBackup for us is waaaay too
| expensive. If we went to some sort of backup library, fine, we would
| have to get some uber software. Otherwise I am trying to keep costs
| minimal.
| Cheers
| Chris

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