[clug-talk] anyone have experience with Bacula?

Chris Lobkowicz chris_lobkowicz at rapid.ca
Mon Nov 22 10:03:51 PST 2004

I am trying to set this up, and it seems to be quite the pain in the 

Or does anyone have any recommendations for backups?
My only requirement is that I can span volumes or tapes, and it needs 
to be cross platform capable. I need to backup windoze boxen as well.
I have a central "Backup Server" that has the uber scsi card, and an 
LTO2 200/400 Gb drive attached to it. I need to be able to backup three 
windows servers, and a couple of linux machines.

Any thoughts/recommendations?
I currently use Veritas' NTBackup, and NetBackup for us is waaaay too 
expensive. If we went to some sort of backup library, fine, we would 
have to get some uber software. Otherwise I am trying to keep costs 


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