[clug-talk] Downloadable SuSE 9.2

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Sat Nov 20 12:13:27 PST 2004


TO use these files, you'll have to do what is known as an FTP install.  
Basically, you tell the boot loader to install from a network source, and 
where that source is.  Works great, but can take quite a bit of time.  I just 
tried this last week and after an hour the initial kernel image still hadn't 
been loaded into memory (though it WAS getting there).

On the Suse download page, they tell you the address for an FTP install.  Or 
alternatively, you can download the entire FTP tree (5+ GB) to a local 
computer then use that computer as your install source.

My own opinion is that it's faster to just acquire the installation disks, 
then change your software source after the system is installed.


On Friday 19 November 2004 21:39, Cory Syvenky wrote:
> I'm eager to upgrade from 9.0 to 9.2 (well re-install). I've been popping
> by the FTP sites every now and again to see if the FTP version has
> magically shown up since my last visit.
> Now there's a README file that states the following:
> "only the source RPM packages for the product are being made available."
> My question is, is it possible to do a complete install with these files?
> cS
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