[clug-talk] Slightly OT Power usage

Dave Watkins dave at davewatkins.net
Fri Nov 19 22:37:37 PST 2004

Niels and others,

I've looked at power in a few places in town. Usually when trying to resolve
system problems and data corruption issues. I've plugged in monitors that
track the power delivered over a period of time and logs the results.
Logging can be done to a laptop or directly into the test unit if so
equipped. BTW, some UPS monitoring software can do the same for you and
report via log, email etc. Not as accurate as a logger but usually works for
the simple stuff.

What I have seen is that areas where there is construction such as new
housing divisions, industrial areas, such as Foothills industrial Park and
some of the older areas of town are the best/worst places to look for
problems. Homes near rinks or other business where there are large current
draws such as when compressors etc kick in can cause issues also.

I recommend to ALL of my customers that they have a line interactive UPS
installed. And yes, it's to allow the system to gracefully shut down.

As an aside.... I've sold over 20 used UPS's and never had a problem with
them other than the need to replace worn batteries in some prior to sale.
I've picked up UPS's that retail for $200.00 and much more for as little as
$30.00 dollars. I still warranty the batteries and the unit for a year and
have never had an issue with the higher end units. 


Dave Watkins

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