[clug-talk] Slightly OT Power usage

Mark Lane mark at harddata.com
Fri Nov 19 17:53:57 PST 2004

Jason Louie wrote:

>Not to be hijacking the thread but UPS has been mentioned several
>times in this thread.  Anyone know of any issues with getting used UPS
>does anyone know where I might be able to get one cheap, (VFXWeb
>doesn't have any on their site)?

Don't waste your time with an used UPS, unless it's a good one and you
are prepared to replace the batteries you'll be wasting your money.
Cheap UPSes have batteries that last for about 1-1.5 years and then
those batteries need to be replaced so if you buy a used one it probably
already needs it's batteries replaced unless it's a higher end model
that gives 2+ years of battery life and isn't very old.

>Back on topic... Would there be a significant difference with a duel
>processor system than with a single one?  For my IPCop system I've
>gone as far as removing the CD-ROM since I've heard that that can also
>drain power.  What part of the computer would use the most power?  The
>CPU?  The power supply?  The HDD?

Well power supplies waste about 33% above the power they supply. So for
instance a system that requires 100 Watts to run will need 133Watts from
your circuit.

Modern HDDs use about 15Watts max and most are under 10Watts these days.
CPUs can use upto 110Watts for the newest Intels or as low as a HDD from
some of the Via and transmeta procs. Memory is a fairly good power drain
but for the most part the CPU is the biggest drain.

>Also is there a big diffrence with older systems than with new ones?
There can be on some older systems. An older desktop should use less
power. However an older server with a SCSI RAID array could use alot more.

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