[clug-talk] Slightly OT Power usage

Kevin Anderson list-server at myrealbox.com
Fri Nov 19 12:01:14 PST 2004

Here's my take on it...

It costs very little.

My older machines have generally got smaller than a 200 watt power supply in 
them.  That power supply would be capable of running them along with several 
CDRoms, and HDDS all spinning at the same time.  My IPcop box has 1 hdd, and 
isn't overly used except for caching (which COULD be turned off).  I would be 
quite suprised if that system was using more than 50 watts, which is a pretty 
dim light bulb.

My server is a Celeron ~800, with 2 hdds.  But it's newer, and more inteligent 
power wise.  If you want to see more efficiency, I'd consolidate your 
servers.  Depending on how you use them, this may be an opportunity to use 
the User Mode Linux stuff.  ( http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/uml.xml )  Most 
people have WAY too much power in their servers for what they actually need.  
I run us (at work) on a P3 xeon 733 with 2 Gigs of RAM, and it rarely works 
at all.  I'm sure that if I shut down Jabber, I'd have a utilization of less 
than .01%  Jabber seems to be a pig.  At home, I'd be surprised if the server 
was using 125 watts.  Obviously, that will go up when I compile or something, 
but averaged over time, I can't see the two of them using 200 watts.  

Does that add up to something?  Probably.  But not much.  Maybe $10 a month, 
maybe?  I swapped out our 12 most used light bulbs for compact florescent 
ones, and saw a $20/month savings.  There are easier and better places to 
save money, generally.  Windows and doors rank high on that list.  I found 
that florescent bulbs to rank VERY high on that list, and frankly, I really 
like the fact that they don't really seem to be florescent.  They last 
forever, and they're really easy to change to.  Best of all, they don't 
flicker like the ones most larger buildings have in their ceilings.  That 
would be a deal breaker for me, personally.


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