[clug-talk] Gentoo 2004.3 is out, and here I am compiling 2004.2

Nick W nickw77 at shaw.ca
Fri Nov 19 11:44:12 PST 2004

> > I might try Gentoo again down the road but only when installs would be
> > less painful.
> Just do a stage 3 install.  Stage 1 is overkill in 99% of cases.  That'll
> cut the install to about 1-2 hours without cutting the learning aspect at
> all. 

but it takes away your bragging rights :D kinda like the whole 'I installed 
Debian' thing...

> Then install xorg, and kde from packages.  (if you need them). 
> You can go back an optimize for your specific machine after it's already up
> and running by emerging the packages you already have.  Besides, there are
> better places to find benefits than gentoo's customized for your machine.
> Don't get me wrong, that's all cool and everything, but the difference is
> getting smaller all the time.  prelinking KDE
> ( http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/prelink-howto.xml) makes a bigger difference
> than any optimization I've ever seen from cflags or anything like that. 

Yup. For that matter, ayone ever tried Yoper linux? They claim to rival 
Gentoo's speed by prelinking everything...plus its supposed to have a working 
portage implementation.

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