[clug-talk] Gentoo 2004.3 is out, and here I am compiling 2004.2

Nick W nickw77 at shaw.ca
Fri Nov 19 09:37:57 PST 2004

> I'd agree.  My first and only experience with Gentoo was over a year
> ago.  Before that I've used RedHat6.x-7.x and Mandrake8-9.  I was
> installing on a P200 with 128mb ram.  I wanted optimize what I could
> so thus Gentoo was my descision.  Even with the beautiful
> documentation Gentoo had I still had some small issues with the
> install... nothing I couldn't handle, (but I found it odd where the
> installation would fail at diffrent places each time).  However the
> thing that got me was that after a month of install Gentoo I still
> didn't have a working web server, (a month of spending 1 - 2 hours
> almost every night.)  After a month I finially got fed up and decided
> to give another distro a whirl.  

What? I had an operational web server in 5 days on a P166/64MB RAM. This was 
in like 2 hrs the first day and an hour MAX after that each day after to 
emerge packages and configure the system. I did the same on a P2-266 in 2 
days using distcc [had my P4-2GHz laptop helping]. I bet I could get it 
running on a 486-33 in under a month...in fact I might do that just to see.

> Out came the SuSE FTP install and 
> having never tried SuSE before it took me less than 1/2 hour to have a
> functional webserver with very few unneeded packages installed.  I
> have since moved to Debian, (debootstrap install via knoppix.)
> My thoughts on Gentoo is that the system would be very nice on a fast
> machine but on a slower machine, (the machines that need the speed
> optimization,) it takes *WAY* too much time to install.

I disagree. The resulting system is worth the wait. I just had a P166 given to 
me that will be running Gentoo as a machine to play little games on. 
Unnecessary? Absolutely, but portage kicks that much butt IMHO.

> I might try Gentoo again down the road but only when installs would be
> less painful.

as will many I suspect. You could always do a stage3 and then set up a cron 
emerge system, emerge world scenario. One by one your binary packages will be 
replaced by source compiled ones as they are upgraded.

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