[clug-talk] Microsoft to Sue linux users

John Clarke clarkej at cuug.ab.ca
Thu Nov 18 12:18:55 PST 2004

s. keeling wrote:

> Incoming from Jason Louie:
>>On Thu, 18 Nov 2004 08:22:45 -0700, Dany Allard <dany.allard at trema.com> wrote:
>>>Is it not enough that SCO is a pain...
>>Once again Microsoft flexes their muscles.  I see as propaganda to
>>drive fear into those who are considering switching to Linux and I
>>only hope they only get that far.  However the outcome of this could
>>be big if MS succeeds in pursuading the WTO in their favour.  With the
> If anyone ever wanted a succinct definition of "FUD", this is it.  How
> anyone could support a company that stoops to behaviour like this, I'll
> never know.
>    As Rob Glaser, a former Microsoft exec, told Time magazine [in
>    2001], Gates is "relentless. He's Darwinian. He doesn't look for
>    win-win situations with others, but for ways to make others
>    lose. Success is defined as flattening the competition, not
>    creating excellence." 

I would say this is simply MS stressing over the increasing FUD weighing on them. After all, nowadays who in their right mind wouldn't be looking for ways to ween themselves of their dependence on MS.

Mahatma Gandhi's quote is time worn but makes sense - first they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.

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