[clug-talk] Gentoo 2004.3 is out, and here I am compiling 2004.2

Chris Lobkowicz chris_lobkowicz at rapid.ca
Thu Nov 18 10:37:32 PST 2004

Coming from the "Gentoo takes a long time to install" argument, I get 
what I put into it. If it takes me a week to get the system built, it 
takes a week. In the end, the portage tree speaks volumes about itself, 
and the fact that my system is spankyfast compared to a (insert a 
generic i586 distro here), is a godsend.
I actually like the fact that the install procedure is a process, 
rather than a bunch of yes/no/other answers.
The install method is an excellent way to "get my hands dirty" doing a 
linux install. Otherwise (insert the name of a gui install distro here) 
installs are just that, stick in cd, boot, yes/no/other answers, done. 
Nothing is learned, at least during a gentoo install, I learn about the 
nittygritty right off the bat.
Gentoo's install method, though arcane, complex, long, frustrating, 
magical, mysterious - always ends up for me being a tailored, powerful, 
installed system. Gentoo fits the bill for me, and I will not use any 
other distro. Other than to play with it, and see how they tailored 
their X environment.

If I dont need to implement a (insert network service here) *right now* 
then gentoo is my solution, if I need to spin up something *right now* 
then I look elsewhere, either a BSD variant, or a Windows solution.

For those that complain about the lack of an installer, imho are 
missing the whole point of customization. For the times when issues do 
pop up, the gentoo forums are an incredible source of information, 
regardless of distro.
And besides, installing the beast is half the fun for me anyways.

Nothing says "It was worth it to me" to take a month to get gentoo 
installed on a dual P90, without distcc! Installing is half the fun! 
When else do I get to spend so much intimate time with a server? Once 
installed, only maintenance duties are required.


On Nov 18, 2004, at 11:15, Jason Louie wrote:

> On Thu, 18 Nov 2004 10:55:23 -0700, Niels Voll <nvoll at voho.com> wrote:
>> wow - you Gentoo guys have patience fit for a saint !
>> ...Niels
> I'd agree.  My first and only experience with Gentoo was over a year
> ago.  Before that I've used RedHat6.x-7.x and Mandrake8-9.  I was
> installing on a P200 with 128mb ram.  I wanted optimize what I could
> so thus Gentoo was my descision.  Even with the beautiful
> documentation Gentoo had I still had some small issues with the
> install... nothing I couldn't handle, (but I found it odd where the
> installation would fail at diffrent places each time).  However the
> thing that got me was that after a month of install Gentoo I still
> didn't have a working web server, (a month of spending 1 - 2 hours
> almost every night.)  After a month I finially got fed up and decided
> to give another distro a whirl.  Out came the SuSE FTP install and
> having never tried SuSE before it took me less than 1/2 hour to have a
> functional webserver with very few unneeded packages installed.  I
> have since moved to Debian, (debootstrap install via knoppix.)
> My thoughts on Gentoo is that the system would be very nice on a fast
> machine but on a slower machine, (the machines that need the speed
> optimization,) it takes *WAY* too much time to install.
> I might try Gentoo again down the road but only when installs would be
> less painful.

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