[clug-talk] December meeting presentation material volunteers.

Curtis Sloan curtis.sloan at shaw.ca
Thu Nov 18 08:25:11 PST 2004

On Thu November 18 2004 03:04, Shawn wrote:
> One catch with the Enemy Territory game - it's best when you can connect to
> an online server.  Otherwise you're playing a game by yourself, but it was
> designed for multiplayer.

That being said, there are functional bots available for offline play.

> Perhaps if someone could bring another box with 
> ET on it, then we could do an internal 1 on 1 game .

That I can do.  :-)


> > I think that would be great. I can bring 3 spare monitors (14") and a
> > mouse if that would help you Shawn or anyone else hesitating about
> > logging a monitor to DeVry and back ...

That would be helpful for me.  I have an old 15" that's really dark.  :-P

> > That would make 2 games and one station .... A very good start .

You can throw me into the mix for a presentation/demo/fragfest/whatever on 
Cube.  I've made arrangements to attend the December meeting.


> > Maybe we will have the games after all :-))

W00t!!!11!  ;-)

Shawn, perhaps I could convince you to throw Cube on your box as well to 
facilitate LAN play?  It's not very big and comes as a pre-compiled 
binary/source tarball for all platforms.  There are bots for Cube, but 
they're experimental and I haven't tried them yet.  :-P  I'll look into 
getting bots running anyway, just in case.

Szemir, let me know if you want me to do a prezzy, etc..

Curtis S.

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