[clug-talk] massive qmail problems!

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Thu Nov 18 02:00:07 PST 2004

I got this mostly resolved now.  I used the recordio tool to give me a log of 
the complete smtp conversations my server took part in.  It turns out that 
the SMTP part of it worked flawlessly, but the other problem I mentioned 
regarding clamav stopped the conversation dead, and the mail didn't get 
delivered.  This was a little tough to diagnose, because only 1 out of 5 
messages would see this error (for incoming), but all outgoing messages would 
get it.  

Once I realized this was the case, I disabled the qmail-scanner and everything 
began working flawlessly again (except for getting more spam than I did 

Instead of having to diagnose the clamav issues, I just removed it, and 
installed F-Prot instead, and have just finished reinstalling qmail-scanner - 
and all seems well.  But I came damn close to abandoning Gentoo because of 
this problem... I'm glad I don't have to do that.

Now that I have things stabilized, I think it's time to build a replacement 
server (I don't trust the overall configuration of the system anymore - that, 
and I want to try the Gentoo 2004.03 release to see what they've changed.. 

(I apologize for my ramblings, but I DO hope they help someone).


On Wednesday 17 November 2004 23:31, Shawn wrote:
> The problem I'm having now is that KMail refuses to talk to my smtp server.
>   When I try to send mail, I get the following:
> The server responded: "qq temporary problem (#4.3.0)"
> I'm able to telnet to the server on port 25 from the local server, and
> another workstation on the network.  The /etc/tcp.smtp file has
> '192.168.0.:allow,RELAYCLIENT="",RBLSMTPD="" ', so my network should be
> able to send through the server.  (I've recreated the cdb file as well).
>  I've even tried to inject a message directly into the queue, and didn't
> get any errors - though it doesn't look like the message got delivered.
> I'd appreciate any tips anyone might have with this.  It looks like I can
> send mail with the Sendmail interface on my workstation, but I need to be
> able to send mail through the SMTP server.  Thanks for any tips.  (I've
> been on google very much in the past few days and don't see what else I can
> try).

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