[clug-talk] Ok, I'm wrong... (combined replies...)

Niels Voll nvoll at voho.com
Wed Nov 17 17:29:49 PST 2004

Kevin Anderson wrote:

>I've never used Fedora.  My last RH install was RH 8.  We were screwed 
>(corporately) by the changes when RH turned into FC/RHEL, and I've never used 
>it since.  Since it was the first time I ever managed to convince an entire 
>company to switch to linux, I took it REALLY personally when support was more 
>or less just dropped, and I was left to explain it to an office full of 
>people who knew that their company had just been bet on a quickly abandoned 
>product.  That's probably the root of my anger.  I would have been better off 
>with Debian, because I'd have known where I stood.
Finally I understand why you are angry at them; in that context, I might 
be as angry as you.

I've had similar experiences with Sun, and as a result will be hard 
pressed to use or recommend Sun products for something meaningful, 
regardless of their technical merit. And never mind what MS has done to 
their customers (including me) over the years.

However, you might exact more revenge by sticking to this fundamental 
business behavior issue, and your personal experience with it when you 
talk about RH. It remains a credible story. The technical shortcomings 
change over time.and therefore you may inadvertently do more damage to 
your own credibility than to RH's by talking about outdated technical 
issues rather than fundamental business behaviors you have personally 

For example in my case, I refrain from saying anything bad about 
Solaris, since my knowledge about it has become quite outdated.

As for your pessimism about FC's future, you may be right - but many 
people said the same thing, when Netscape was acquired and then 
mismanaged by AOL.

 Here we are a few years later, AOL has pretty much killed Netscape, but 
Mozilla in general and Firefox in particular are shining beacons of 
really neat software with a bright future.

So the optimist in me thinks, that since the FC 1 genie has left the 
bottle, you can't kill it anymore. Even if RH would walk from it, it 
might very well prosper like Mozilla.

A couple of additional notes on RH /FC facts:
* Did you know, that there is a "Fedora legacy project", which 
facilitates yum updating with free repositories for RH 8 and possibly as 
far as RH 7.3 (I'm less sure on the latter).
* I've had package dependencies resolved with automatic installations in 
RH9 / yum. I don't remember if it was yum or newer versions of RPM, 
which made it smooth. So that technical issue has changed quite a bit 
since your last experience.


p.s. Does Gentoo have signed packages yet? It's one of the issues, which 
made me hesitate trying it so far..

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