[clug-talk] Tar file

Niels Voll nvoll at voho.com
Wed Nov 17 14:12:19 PST 2004

Hi Kev,

I'm not sure if your RH flaming is based on experience with certain 
versions, or more a philosophical beef with RH's technical approach, or 
just the fact that they are trying to run public for profit company 
standing on the shoulders of developers of free software. Or do you hate 
them because they have the largest market share so far, and thus every 
error they make is much amplified in the overall Linux story?

RH9 and FC are freely downloadable and updatable with yum and other 
mechanisms from free repositories. Are you still  mad at RH, because it 
used to be different or your info is outdated? So at least your point 
about free updates seems unjustified from my experience.

Saying that RPM is bad may very well be justified but how come your 
anger isn't directed at all RPM based distro's, not just RH. Yes, I know 
RH invented RPM. If it is so evil, it does not excuse anyone else from 
using it. So again, I don't see why you are giving a different level of 
anger towards RH, than for example SuSE.

I share your frustrations in the area of hardware drivers. However, I 
don't know why you are singling out RH in your anger. Is there anyone 
better? If yes, I would be delighted to find out, which distro would 
make the sound and the wireless G on my rather newish Toshiba laptop 
work. Again, why the singular anger towards RH?

And let's be honest, even Windows hardware driver stuff updating and 
finding is only a very partial success. For much of the hardware you 
have to go to the manufacturer's site, rather than getting it from a 
central windows update site. And of course, if you are running older 
windows versions, you are hooped, too.

The hardware driver issue is a very difficult one, where "blame" can't 
be pinned simplistically. Macintosh and BSD users have long felt this 
issue, too. And users of older versions of windows can be as screwed for 
some newer hardware as anyone in Linux land. Whom should I blame when my 
favorite piece of hardware doesn't work with my favorite piece of 
software? I can blame everyone or no-one, but I don't think I can single 
out one distro.

Why is it fundamentally evil that RH makes money? If you find making 
money on Linux evil, you'll have to start with Linus, and most certainly 
you'll have to include SuSE and in a less direct way many other Linux 
developers (companies and individuals).

Don't get me wrong, I'm no RH fanboy, but I honestly don't understand 
why you single them out for so much anger.


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