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Kevin Anderson list-server at myrealbox.com
Wed Nov 17 12:40:54 PST 2004

On Wednesday 17 November 2004 05:48, Matthew Kent wrote:
> > There's no hope at all for Red Hat, in my opinion, but I readily admit,
> > that's a heavily biased opinion with little legitimate basis.
> Then why write this?

They aren't totally unfounded.  Just mostly unfounded.  It's the stupid 
install systems that are now ingrained in LSB (Yes, Aaron, I know it's RPM 
the Package Manager, not the installer, but installing an RPM blows compared 
to installing an ebuild.) that started this thread.  There's no reason to 
need people to search for things and then worry about how to install them 
except as a method to promote something else.  (To which I point to RHN, 
which gives you the choice of giving up all sorts of details that they don't 
need, on a regular basis, or paying cash, so that you have a repository of 
software that SHOULD be free - both in terms of cost, and in terms of 
hassles, the two things RH all but took a dump on with RHN.)

> Why bait people with comments like this?

So that people who run into this stupidity (and think it's their stupidity, 
when it it's the distro that's stupid) know that A) they aren't alone.  And 
B) there are good, solid, solutions available that work as they should.

I mean, even XP offers to search windows update to find drivers for new 
hardware.  Even they can see that expecting people to ...go here, find this, 
go there, find that, know everything about your system, and then cross your 
fingers, and hit install...  Isn't workable.  Linux users know it too, so 
there's apt for rpm, and I've heard great things about it.  But RH simply 
ignores this, and leave the user hanging, because it MAKES THEM MONEY.

And that ticks me off.  Because the end result is that RH makes money by 
making newbies feel like Linux is hard.  And that makes Linux look bad.  And 
neither of these things is legitimate.  They're just appearances that help 
prop up the company that perpetuates them.  And for that reason, RH sucks.  
It's also the reason that even they as a company felt that desktop Linux 
wasn't viable.  So not only do they screw over the individual user who feels 
like testing it, but they screw over the rest of the community by effectively 
saying "that KDE thing?"  It's crap.  "Gnome?"  Crap too. Neither is actually 
something that's useable, and WE"RE the biggest Linux company in North 
America.  What does that tell me as a) joe user at home, and b) It Manager at 
work?  It tells me that Linux isn't there yet.  It might work eventually, but 
it certainly doesn't today.  So "where do I want to go today?"  Some crappy 
OS that isn't there yet, even for the people who "make" it, or with the OS 
that's already successfully working on 90% of the PCs on the planet?

Microsoft paying for the ads that keep Linux news sites up and running, and RH 
saying that Linux sucks.  I'll never understand either.


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