[clug-talk] How do we make our meetings better?

Jarrod Major jmajor at clug.ca
Wed Nov 17 11:57:35 PST 2004

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Hey Group,

The Executive would like to start up this dialogue again.

It has become clear that the people subscribed to this list perceived that we 
the Executive killed this thread last time. I am not going to argue that 
point and I urge none of you to either. We would like to hear your comments 
and ideas on this subject. Again, if you don't feel that this list is the 
most appropriate venue for your comments or your ideas are too controversial, 
feel free to use the suggestion/comments box on the website.

It is apparent that we need to open the meetings up for more 'free' time. You 
can count on that for the coming months.

I want to convey to you that anything discussed in this thread should be 
considered ideas and not actions. <having to choose my words carefully> This 
is not meant to stifle the conversation but ultimately at this point in time 
it is the responsibility of the Board to plan and execute meetings. Your 
input is invaluable. Also we are specifically talking about meetings not CLUG 
in general.

I suspect that some of the problems we encountered last time were a direct 
result in the Executive trying to take in some constructive criticism, do 
something about it but not shake things up too radically. Ultimately our 
numbers for attendance haven't suffered nor has our membership sign-ups. This 
leads the Executive to believe that some part of the meeting formula is 
working. As was stated before it comes down to a balancing act, how do we 
manage this to keep everyone happy? We only have evidence so far of a few 
people who are unhappy or want to see some things change.

I encourage you to speak up. I am speaking to the people on this list who 
attend meetings because ultimately this affects them. I am also addressing 
the people who might attend meetings if we made it more desirable for them to 
do so. If you are neither, please do NOT hold back your suggestions but keep 
in mind that we are trying to improve the situation for those that come to 
the meetings.

I think that about covers it. Sorry to be long-winded. Let the fun begin, and 
I do mean fun. This should be an enjoyable process not something unpleasant.

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Jarrod Major
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