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Nick W nickw77 at shaw.ca
Wed Nov 17 11:54:30 PST 2004

On November 17, 2004 12:04 pm, Kevin Anderson wrote:
> > At least he's running an OS where things like this can be figured
> > out.  No registry editing necessary, just the basics:
> Funny.  I was thinking that this install procedure was a stupid confusing
> waste of time, and that it's certainly easier on windows.


> I installed in on my box by typing "emerge -U mozilla-firefox".  I believe
> this would be the easiest solution since it doesn't require him to already
> have another browser installed so that he can retrieve it (sure it'll be
> available for FTP somewhere, or scp, or whatever, but realistically, using
> the Distro's own tools, RH, Suse, etc are all starting to look archaic.

Plus the KDE package manager supports portage so there's a graphical way to do 
it now for those with CLI-phobia

> Yast is a 6 out of 10 app.  It's pretty good once you figure out where the
> repository is, and get it working, but that always seems to be more
> complicated than it should be.  Yast never quite gets it right if you make
> changes outside YAST either, and that frustrates me, cause it's always a
> bit scary to fire it up, and wonder if some change you made at the CLI will
> be wiped out in the process.  I have hope for it, but it needs to have a
> default repository, or better, (like Gentoo), it should have a list of 100
> mirrors, and test each to find which is the fastest for your individual
> setup, and then choose the 5 best as it's preferred sites.  Then, it just
> needs to respect non-YAST changes better.  So Suse might get it right,
> eventually.
> There's no hope at all for Red Hat, in my opinion, but I readily admit,
> that's a heavily biased opinion with little legitimate basis.

Doesn't RH have URPMI or is that strictly Mandrake? At any rate, URPMI is 
often a pain to find a decent working mirror.

> Debian, which I poked fun at already this week, 

...that was way too funny...

> deserves the biggest pat on 
> the back, because apt-get is another example of making things easy.  I've
> heard horror stories about apt, but personally, I've never experienced
> them. When I think Debian, I think Awesome distro, but just too slow moving
> to really be useful to anyone.  Which is really why Gentoo seems to have
> taken over for it.  If Debian had decent install instructions 5 years ago,
> or even made a half hearted effort to use current packages, I don't really
> believe Gentoo would even exist.  The funny part is, Debian seems to be
> proud of that heritage.  I just don't get it.

it's the '1337' mentality. 

I just can't wait until Gentoo's installer is done. Portage is the best 
package management system bar none, once it's set up. Support for binary and 
source installs allows for a quick install that can later be replaced with a 
custom system. They need to perfect that.

> Kev.
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