[clug-talk] Tar file

Kevin Anderson list-server at myrealbox.com
Wed Nov 17 11:04:41 PST 2004

> At least he's running an OS where things like this can be figured
> out.  No registry editing necessary, just the basics:

Funny.  I was thinking that this install procedure was a stupid confusing 
waste of time, and that it's certainly easier on windows.

I installed in on my box by typing "emerge -U mozilla-firefox".  I believe 
this would be the easiest solution since it doesn't require him to already 
have another browser installed so that he can retrieve it (sure it'll be 
available for FTP somewhere, or scp, or whatever, but realistically, using 
the Distro's own tools, RH, Suse, etc are all starting to look archaic.  

Yast is a 6 out of 10 app.  It's pretty good once you figure out where the 
repository is, and get it working, but that always seems to be more 
complicated than it should be.  Yast never quite gets it right if you make 
changes outside YAST either, and that frustrates me, cause it's always a bit 
scary to fire it up, and wonder if some change you made at the CLI will be 
wiped out in the process.  I have hope for it, but it needs to have a default 
repository, or better, (like Gentoo), it should have a list of 100 mirrors, 
and test each to find which is the fastest for your individual setup, and 
then choose the 5 best as it's preferred sites.  Then, it just needs to 
respect non-YAST changes better.  So Suse might get it right, eventually.

There's no hope at all for Red Hat, in my opinion, but I readily admit, that's 
a heavily biased opinion with little legitimate basis.

Debian, which I poked fun at already this week, deserves the biggest pat on 
the back, because apt-get is another example of making things easy.  I've 
heard horror stories about apt, but personally, I've never experienced them.  
When I think Debian, I think Awesome distro, but just too slow moving to 
really be useful to anyone.  Which is really why Gentoo seems to have taken 
over for it.  If Debian had decent install instructions 5 years ago, or even 
made a half hearted effort to use current packages, I don't really believe 
Gentoo would even exist.  The funny part is, Debian seems to be proud of that 
heritage.  I just don't get it.


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