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Jarrod Major jmajor at clug.ca
Wed Nov 17 00:21:52 PST 2004

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On Saturday 13 November 2004 9:44 am, Michael Walters wrote:
> I am happy with the existence of a suggestion box, and it might be good to
> rename it "comment box" as Niels suggested, to allow praise comments to be
> registered too.

In case you guys missed it we did change this subtly to 
Suggestions/Comments... see some suggestions are easy to deal with.

As to your comment Niels on the bizarre coincidence; yes it was. It was not 
the Executive that brought down the clug-talk list, I can safely say that. It 
was another fine example of someone with far more knowledge than me showing 
his/her cracker prowess to us mere mortals.

Again not fishing for compliments here but there has been far too little 
praise for what has been done on this group's behalf. I didn't take this job 
for people to shower glowing praise on, I saw a job that needed doing. I 
would like you all to take a moment and think about the many hours that go 
into keeping this group going. I would like to take this time to thank my 
fellow Executives for the work that they do. We are a good team and I think 
we are still working on everyone's behalf contrary to public opinion of late. 
I also want to thank the people who volunteer to help us in any other ways 
from presentations to coming out to InstallFests and lending a hand.

I am contributing to degrading this thread but I want to close with one more 
thing for you all to think about. The Executive are not your enemy. We are 
not trying to go about things in a closed way. We are governed by the Bylaws 
set down by this group as are you. If you have greivances with us there is a 
course clearly laid out there for you. The saying goes "the squeaky wheel 
gets the grease" but we have been advocating for the many silent wheels that 
keep us moving forward as well. This is not to say that we should not listen 
to the few outspoken individuals in this group but rather to take what is 
offered under advisement as we intended from the start and put it into 
context within the bigger picture of what our goals are as a group. At least 
as far as this Executive perceives them.

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