[clug-talk] LDAP How-To

Kevin Anderson list-server at myrealbox.com
Mon Nov 15 10:08:44 PST 2004

On Friday 12 November 2004 18:35, s. keeling wrote:
> Incoming from Kevin Anderson:
> > Congrats Aaron.  Welcome to the dark side.  :)
> >
> > I'm sure you'll find community supported distros (like software) to be
> > just as
> ........................^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> How did Debian get into this discussion?                :-)

Debian's still around?  

I thought they were still figuring out how to add TCP/IP to kernel .0003 so 
they could go gold with their "newest" release, and start another release 
cycle by bashing people who couldn't figure out how to get it installed.

(only half joking)

(maybe a bit less than half)


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