[clug-talk] Suggestion Box

bogi khangyi at shaw.ca
Fri Nov 12 22:43:46 PST 2004

Hi Niels.
I see no problem with the suggestion box. It was meant as an add -on not a 
replacement for anything. Some of us, are very shy people, they might not 
want everyone to see what they are trying to say, maybe (no malice here) they 
are so new to the oss world, they dont know if it is correct to say so or 
not. A box like this would come in handy. Many people would like to ask 
questions from the exec, about some administrative things, really no need to 
put those on a public list either. Needless to say, you could save 10 
perfectly good electrons and a few kilobytes of storage creating an email 
account just to anonymously ask a question on clug-talk , use the form.

Now i see a suggestion to abandon the box, so, I take the opportunity to ask 
everyone on the list: Do you want the Suggestion Box stayed or removed ?, 
just post your vote here, and we count sometimes next week .... And yes, you 
can also use the Suggestion Box to place your opinion about this.

I hope this was satisfactory.

On November 12, 2004 18:14, Niels Voll wrote:
> Was the anonymous suggestion box requested by members, or was this idea
> internally generated by the executive as a "good idea"?
> To be quite honest, the concept of an anonymous suggestion box in a
> community of open source people totally surprised me. I didn't think
> anything like this would be needed. For example, if I wanted to make
> anonymous contact, I could easily sign up to Yahoo mail or something
> like that to send an "anonymous" email.. So I wasn't (and I'm still not)
> sure, what problem is being solved.
> So I'm not suggesting that Jarrod code some more PHP to make the
> suggestion box process transparent, yet spam, profanity and hacker proof
> - I'm more wondering why bother with a suggestion box at all.
> Jarrod Major wrote:
> > <><snip>The clug-talk list disappearing was a curious, disturbing
> > coincidence. </snip>
> ... it sure was, especially since the message announcing the suggestion
> box was the very last message, before the list went away.- I was just
> about to suggest changing the CLUG logo to
> http://www.linuxfrench.net/IMG/art864-1.jpg   </joke>
>    :)
> ...Niels
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